Filibuster Alito

I know I’ve laid off the politics for a while, but I have to come out in support of the filibuster:

First, I believe he’s unqualified for the position. He has a history of lying before the Senate to gain confirmation.

Second, I find his statement that he does not consider Roe v. Wade settled law improper.

Third and most important, I find his position on the unitary executive constitutionally incorrect and dangerously close to supporting elected kinghood.

For these reasons, I support withholding his nomination by rejecting a vote for cloture.

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One Response to Filibuster Alito

  1. Danny Howard says:

    Hrmmm, you know, when this was actually contemporary, I had a fantasy that maybe a Democrat would snap and do a REAL filibuster. Just get up and not stop talking, and it would take a while for the Senate to catch on, that they were on a Filibuster. Then, he’d at least get props for having balls.



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