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I’ve added one of those really annoying poll things to the sidebar. Let’s see how stupid it is…

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Recent comment problems

Recent problems with comments and individual post links have been traced back to the snowball plugin for spam karma2. SK2 plugin has been dragged out and shot. Any further issues, please post here. Thanks! Update: (because I can never write … Continue reading

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Via Jess and Keith: These things are like the cereal you have to wade through in online journals to get to the toy. But you know, you wouldn’t value the toy as much if you didn’t have to shovel down … Continue reading

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Blog updates

WordPress and Spam Karma 2 (beta). Post a comment (or email) if you see something weird. should be painless.

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Why no posts?

well, because I’ve been at the hospital. Peanut/IMG_0322

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Apropos of nothing

How gay are the (( )) in my blog name? I like them, but I don’t really know why. And how the hell do you do a poll in wordpress?

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Trying to get to pianosa?

ssh no longer works, as you might have noticed, because I moved my blog to another machine. ssh works for now, but you should probably use ssh

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Oh look

I’ve moved to wordpress. This means all the permalinks changed. oh well. Welcome to the new world.

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Dave’s link generator What Link? Once upon a time, I wrote a very short perl CGI script. It’s the only publicly successful piece of perl I’ve ever written. Its purpose is simple — paste a multiline link that’s been mangled … Continue reading

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Second blog

I am now half of Dave and Matt Rant About Sports.

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