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How not to handle errors.

Steve has an interesting post about C++ error handling. At least your codebase, Steve, isn’t full of stuff like this. catch (…) {     ASSERT(false); }

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stop me before I'm lame again

I can’t believe I keep doing these things.

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This is some mildly entertaining stuff if you like brain puzzles.

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"We thought of this over beers…"

I guess you can imagine the high esteem with which I hold the apache software foundation that, upon reading the first few paragraphs of this project plan I immediately assumed it was genuine? [[ post edited for clarity ]]

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Aspects of Joe

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you started adding letters to the beginning of the last name Ardent? You get the many aspects of Joe:

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I’ve added one of those really annoying poll things to the sidebar. Let’s see how stupid it is…

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Tour de France

Eric Zorn has a a few thoughts on the Tour de France. There is always the homegrown Race Across America, which I think is totally awesome (and exactly the sort of Cannonball Run he describes), but even a staggered start … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Headlines

A Year And A Half Later or Every Time I Think I’m Out… They Pull Me Back In! Bloody Cubs. I’ve completely written them off, because I should, because they’re awful, and they go and sweep the suddenly fading Marlins … Continue reading

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Clinton Haircut Story Is A Lie

It drives me nuts that this kind of crap still goes around. Since politus did us the favor of finding an authoritative debunking of the rumor that Clinton sat on the runway blocking traffic while he got a haircut, I … Continue reading

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I love this country

Congratulations Danny. And Yayoi!

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