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america’s new pastime

DVOA chart

For those of you into football stats, the killer stat is DVOA (and its friends, VOA, DPAR, PAR, and DAVE). It’s nice to be able to look at DVOA on a graphical basis, so I cranked out some javascript using … Continue reading

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Fuck the NCAA?

Ok, I call shenanigans.

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Overrated sucky team pool!

Morons who make a living writing about the NFL have claimed before the season that certain teams will make the playoffs. I think none of them will. Ravens Packers Vikings Cowboys Seahawks If you want to play along at home, … Continue reading

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Krenzel gone

Alas, poor Craig, we barely knew thee. Not like we didn’t have a logjam at QB anyway. I hope he took all his money from last year and stuffed it into a piggy bank for grad school. Good luck.

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The NFL Draft In 22 Words

“The NFL draft incorporates the two worst features of American life: all-day committee meetings on a weekend and commentary by Chris Berman.” – King Kaufman

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