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Eamus Catuli

I know I rarely post about sports anymore, but I feel it necessary to throw in a shout out to the Cubs. With the Mets out of it, there’s no reason we can’t zero out a few more numbers… AC … Continue reading

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DVOA chart

For those of you into football stats, the killer stat is DVOA (and its friends, VOA, DPAR, PAR, and DAVE). It’s nice to be able to look at DVOA on a graphical basis, so I cranked out some javascript using … Continue reading

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I'm terrible at sports

and now I know why. It’s all my birthday’s fault. It’s nice to be able to put that to rest. whew.

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Fuck the NCAA?

Ok, I call shenanigans.

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Ah, the Winter Olympics

Here are the things i like about the Winter Olympics: Hockey Speed Skating … uh…. For things I don’t like about the Winter Olympics, let’s start with: “Women are too fragile for ski jumping“, add a dash of “it’s just … Continue reading

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Baseball and SQL

Two great tastes that go great together. One of the greatest things ever is the Lanham Baseball Database. It’s a database of all baseball statistics since 1871, suitable for random SQL queries. Not quite pitch by pitch, but season by … Continue reading

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Overrated sucky team pool!

Morons who make a living writing about the NFL have claimed before the season that certain teams will make the playoffs. I think none of them will. Ravens Packers Vikings Cowboys Seahawks If you want to play along at home, … Continue reading

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Tour de France

Eric Zorn has a a few thoughts on the Tour de France. There is always the homegrown Race Across America, which I think is totally awesome (and exactly the sort of Cannonball Run he describes), but even a staggered start … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Headlines

A Year And A Half Later or Every Time I Think I’m Out… They Pull Me Back In! Bloody Cubs. I’ve completely written them off, because I should, because they’re awful, and they go and sweep the suddenly fading Marlins … Continue reading

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Krenzel gone

Alas, poor Craig, we barely knew thee. Not like we didn’t have a logjam at QB anyway. I hope he took all his money from last year and stuffed it into a piggy bank for grad school. Good luck.

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