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OS/X 10.5.3, two workarounds

OS/X 10.5.3 has google contacts sync, but 1) only if you’ve connected to an ipod touch or iphone, and 2) only when you sync an ipod. Lifehacker has a workaround. Second, for whatever reason, this update causes erlang R12B2 to … Continue reading

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Erlang wish list

WSGI. I don’t want an apache replacement, or at least have to bootstrap one just to write a webapp. I’d much rather have something very simple and callback based to handle requests and output dynamic data (and push static data … Continue reading

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for loops in erlang

For loops in Erlang: for(Max, Max, F) -gt; [F(Max)]; for(I, Max, F) -gt; [F(I)|for(I+1, Max, F)]. My I suggest instead either: lists:each(lists:seq(Min, Max), F). or: for(I, Max, F) when I <= Max ->   for_impl(I, Max, F, []). for_impl(Max, Max, F, … Continue reading

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