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Tap tap

Three years? ¬†Seriously? ¬†It’s been almost three years since I posted to this thing? Time to start writing again.

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Juniper NetConnect on 64 bit linux

If you’re googling for this, you already know the problems, but just as a refresher: it’s a java applet. The java applet asks for permission to write to your filesystem, then asks for your root password, then dumps a setuid … Continue reading

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RIP Harry's Hot Dogs

And the showman’s league building. Good to see the old guy’s not just sitting at home though. (Yes I’m late getting to this. Comes from moving 2000 miles away. I was thinking about hot dogs on the way home today … Continue reading

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Things that are cool about parenting, Part MMDCCCLXV

Picking up a sleeping child from the sofa, where they fell asleep behind you playing rock band (quietly, because they enjoy it… ok and you do too). They wake up as they’re jolted from their warm cozy place, look up … Continue reading

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Is Blagojavich the most corrupt …

Is Blagojavich the most corrupt Illinois Governor ever? Doubtful. He’s near the top end of the bell curve, but there’s so much competition I can’t imagine he’s tops. But is he the stupidest? Quite possibly. Not only is he under … Continue reading

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Language that some people may understand

When gay marriage is outlawed, only outlaws will have gay marriages. You can pry my gay marriage certificate from my cold dead hands. If you wanna be my [decider of who I get to marry], you gotta get with my … Continue reading

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My Fellow Americans

Thank you for President Barack Obama. My Fellow Californians: We’ll just have to work on this prop 8 thing again, next possible opportunity.

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Someone else's words

I don’t seem to have time to write my own thoughts here, so we’ll use everybody’s favorite substitute, someone else’s thoughts: Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 56. Find the fifth sentence. Post the text of the … Continue reading

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AC 000063100

Time to add some extra digits to the Cubs sign. I really honestly expected more from this team. You can never expect a title, but I did expect more. Thanks for 162 great regular season games. Reed Johnson’s diving catch, … Continue reading

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Economic Turmoil

I’m officially a customer of a failed bank. Whoo hoo

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