Erlang wish list

WSGI. I don’t want an apache replacement, or at least have to bootstrap one just to write a webapp. I’d much rather have something very simple and callback based to handle requests and output dynamic data (and push static data through something else. No offense to erlang on that score but …)

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  1. Jason says:

    While not wsgi, there is a fcgi binding at thats very easy to connect to apache or whatever frontend you may prefer.

    Also, the erlang socket driver has built in fcgi framing if you want to roll your own (fcgi packets are very easy to parse with erlang’s binary matching)

  2. That’s true. What I’m hoping for is a standard way of factoring out the differences between efcgi, httpd, pico or anything else, and just have a simple API that handles web requests that anyone can implement to and deploy in different scenarios.

  3. Roberto says:

    Was just reading your mmap question on erlang mailing list (but don’t have an answer) and somehow landed here. Are you still looking for such a webserver ? I found it. Bob Ippolito’s Mochiweb, see link and details at my blog

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