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Play the XKCD game

When I’m bored, I sometimes play a game on xkcd. You just keep clicking random. You win if you get one that you’ve already seen in the same session. You lose if you get one that’s not funny. I like … Continue reading

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C++ is the spawn of satan

however, this does work: #include <iostream> template<int size> struct ptrsize { }; template<> struct ptrsize<4> { typedef int int_t; typedef unsigned int uint_t; }; template<> struct ptrsize<8> { typedef long long int_t; typedef unsigned long long uint_t; }; typedef ptrsize<sizeof(void*)>::int_t … Continue reading

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Relying on others

Phil Wilson and Hugh Winkler discuss the pitfalls and potential solutions to using someone else’s 269 feed personal aggregator in their subscription list. If you look carefully, you’ll notice they mentioned this last week. That’s because when I hit Phil’s … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Raymond Chen: Whenever there is a coordination problem, someone says, ‘Hey, let’s create a process.’ Now you have two coordination problems.

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