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I think this guy really, REALLY gets it. It’s kind of a long read. Like it.

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Patriotism, defined: Capt. Ian Fishback, 82nd Airborne, US Army.

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CTA transit map

Lots of people have them. I like mine. Check it out. How I did this: Installed PostgreSQL and PostGIS Tried to load data from the City of Chicago Maps SHP file. Discovered the City uses a weird, us-ft based projection. … Continue reading

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Help me move!

If you’d like to help carry furniture and boxes down three flights of stairs, into a truck, and up one flight of stairs, in and around Evanston and Rogers Park, between 9am and 3pm Sunday October 2nd, please let me … Continue reading

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Overrated sucky team pool!

Morons who make a living writing about the NFL have claimed before the season that certain teams will make the playoffs. I think none of them will. Ravens Packers Vikings Cowboys Seahawks If you want to play along at home, … Continue reading

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m4 quoting

m4 quoting examples: define(A,1)dnl define(B,A)dnl define(`A’,2)dnl B should be 1 define(`B’,`A’)dnl A should be 2 B should be 2 define(`B’,“A”)dnl B should be `A’

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Jury Duty

Off to go get picked for a jury … or not. Gotta bring a book or 4.

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War On Tape?

Is that like a book on tape? Terror Leader in Iraq Declares War on Tape

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Katrina and Busing

Look familiar? By now you’ve probably seen this image on the news, the daily show and convservative websites. To many people, it proves that mayor Nagin was incompetant, for not using these buses to evacuate people from the city. Here’s … Continue reading

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Katrina, Again

Nobody was raped and killed in the Superdome bathrooms. Nobody was shooting at helicopters. There weren’t race riots in Baton Rouge. But these rumors probably killed people by guiding them away from shelter. Also, it wasn’t just a rumor that … Continue reading

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