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China, Day 4

Jesus fucking christ, I’m in a completely country where 99% of the population doesn’t speak my language, you can’t find a goddamn cup of coffee, and I’m completely dependant on strangers to get something as simple as a micro-USB cable … Continue reading

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China, Day 3

Day 3 rapidly draws to a close. Time to go get some dinner. Lunch was some great dim sum (and for about $6 for the 3 of us to eat). I could get used to that. Though, I had a … Continue reading

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China, Day 2

Food good. And interesting. Alcohol makes a fabulous cure for jet lag. I need to learn spoken Chinese, real fast. Any suggestions for resources on basic grammar and vocabulary would be awesome.

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two flights,…

three boarding passes, two bus rides, three passport stamps, two taxi rides, a shower, a flooded bathroom, a shave and one thoroughly authentically taiwanese (hah! seriously) lunch later, I have discovered that the two people I have come here to … Continue reading

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It’s not quite one night in Bangkok, but I’ll be spending two weeks in Shenzhen, China in March.

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blogging about a blog about blogging

This blog entry about “how do you blog about work” got me thinking. If your boss caught you bitching about your job in a bar to a friend, would he care (assuming you weren’t telling him all about your company’s … Continue reading

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