Well, in 5 minutes I’m going to go pick up a moving truck, and starting tomorrow I’m going to drive it from Chicago to San Jose, with a brief stop in Boulder.

I’ll try to blog, twitter, photograph, perhaps audioblog? Videoblog? as much as possible. It seems like the right thing to do.

(If anybody wants to help me put a lot of boxes and some furniture in a truck today, email me at dbt at this domain. In exchange, pizza and beer will be provided.)

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Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog

Most of my 3 readers have already seen this, I’m sure (and if not I’ll be by shortly to show you in person), but you should watch the first two episodes of Dr. Horrible right now, before the final episode comes out tomorrow (and then it promptly disappears Sunday).

You have been warned.

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Two bits, four bits, six bits….

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OS/X 10.5.3, two workarounds

OS/X 10.5.3 has google contacts sync, but 1) only if you’ve connected to an ipod touch or iphone, and 2) only when you sync an ipod. Lifehacker has a workaround.

Second, for whatever reason, this update causes erlang R12B2 to bus error at startup if you’ve enabled Hipe. Bummer. Workaround (courtesy of Geoff Cant): recompile from original source without hipe.

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gmail contacts

If you just got a bizarre note from gtalk telling you that I de-authorized you — sorry about that. I was tinkering with Spanning Sync and accidentally deleted all my gmail contacts. I’ll be happy to re-add you if you send an invite.

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Is Barack Obama A Muslim?

Is Barack Obama A Muslim?.

A new website explores this burgeoning controversy.

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Flash mob!

On Friday, I read this book review of Michael Freeman’s The Photographer’s Eye.

On Saturday, I made a note of the book title and author to try to pick up over the weekend.

On Sunday, I checked in-store availability at the Borders at Michigan and Chicago Aves. In-stock.

On Monday, I checked again. Out of stock. I checked the State and Randolph location. In-stock.

At 12:45 I found a copy on the shelf to take home. As I walked away, two other people searching the photography section said to each other, “I think he just got the last one.”

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Even Stephven

For whatever reason, won’t work in firefox but I can embed these videos…. excellent.

Now if those lazy duffers would get off their asses and make the WMD Even Stephven available….

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Sunny California

I think it’s actually colder in San Jose right now than it is in Chicago. No fair.

(We’re here until wednesday morning, if anybody’s looking to track us down for FUN…)

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The Surger

The Surger is working, my friends.

(I don’t actually have one, but I think I need to… wow).

(Unrelated, The Surge related content here)

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