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MSVC bitch

Ok, I understand that C++ is hard to parse and so a C++ IDE can’t be as slick as, say, IntelliJ. (Yes, IntelliJ is the gold standard for language-specific programming editors. If you’re coding in java with any other IDE, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Orwell Customer Experience Improvement Program

So, I just got back from lunch. In my systray, there is an icon bearing the microsoft office logo. First, I hover: it says: “Microsoft Office Customer Experience Improvement Program” Hmm, I remember something like that popping up a couple … Continue reading

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who writes prose like this? Washington, which was just weeks ago in the grip of neoconservative orthodoxy and absolute belief in Bush’s inevitability and righteousness, is now in the throes of agonizing events and being ripped apart by investigations. Things … Continue reading

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A Brief Windows Rant

As long as I’m here – MAKEINTRESOURCE() has to be the most rediculous fucking thing ever. What the hell were you people thinking? Seriously?

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C++, Java

After about a year and a half of doing pretty much pure java (though also some time on wx4j (a Java binding for a C++ GUI toolkit), I started a new job doing primarily C++ development. It’s also win32 instead … Continue reading

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Fair Warning, Part Deux

No really, it seems like I’m going to have lots of stuff to bitch about with windows. I already have a pretty good rant worked up on what a gigantic motherfucking pain in the ass it is to use MSXML … Continue reading

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Hungarian Notation

Once upon a time, I was young and foolish and ignorant, and writing some code in Visual Basic. (Visual Basic 3. In 1994. Get off my back.) I learned that many people used this weird convention, where, say, a text … Continue reading

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Fair Warning

Just as a warning — I just started a new day job, which involves lots of Win32 development, so I imagine I’ll be blogging all kind of useful links for Win32 development, which will make many of you vomit. Don’t … Continue reading

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OpenBSD 3.4 -> 3.5 Source Upgrade

cd /usr/src && cvs -q update -Pd -r OPENBSD_3_5 groupadd -g 74 _pflogd useradd -c “pflogd privsep” -d /var/empty -s /sbin/nologin -u 74 -g 74 _pflogd groupadd -g 75 _bgpd useradd -c “BGP daemon” -d /var/empty -s /sbin/nologin -u 75 … Continue reading

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