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Freaking Out?

Not yet. But I’m officially leaving the country in less than 48 hours. Damn. Remind me, the next time I travel outside the US for the first time, to pick a location where I at least know a little of … Continue reading

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Trying to get to pianosa?

ssh no longer works, as you might have noticed, because I moved my blog to another machine. ssh works for now, but you should probably use ssh

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Oh look

I’ve moved to wordpress. This means all the permalinks changed. oh well. Welcome to the new world.

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vector and ostream

Dave Dribin has a puzzler about being able to cout << vector << endl; at his web page. As I’ve been reading about this kind of stuff recently, I have a sample explanation and also, for fun, an explanation of … Continue reading

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Normalizing the Scoreboard, Part I

Right now, the scoreboard is simply a table: name, employer, start, end, reasonleft. The latter two can be null. the first three shouldn’t be. On top of that, there’s a huge ass view definition that creates all the accessory fields. … Continue reading

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The mailserver where gets mail recently implemented greylisting. As a result, my spamload has dropped dramatically. How much? So much that one of the other people who still uses his address contacted me via IM today to wonder … Continue reading

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It’s not quite one night in Bangkok, but I’ll be spending two weeks in Shenzhen, China in March.

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Dean For DNC

I’ve once again failed to endorse Howard Dean in timely fashion. However, I’m glad to see Howard is probably going to be DNC chair. I think Paul Waldmann basically sums it up for me: The Democrats’ problem isn’t that Americans … Continue reading

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