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New Job Title

I’m now a DBA in training. Or something. Most of my work will be on the data management code. Fun!

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For The Record

If several doctors say my brain is gone, please pull the plug. If you’re unsure, whatever my wife says goes. And I guess it’s time to sign a durable power of medical attorney just in case.

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Mac followup

I just went through the cleartype wizard again on my work (windows) box. It looks so much assier than the ibook I’ve been using all weekend.

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New cult

I’ve joined the Mac cult with a purchase last week of an iBook. It’s ostensibly for Rebecca but I keep hauling off with it to sit in a corner and hack on Ugly. I’ll try to write a little bit … Continue reading

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No, not me. I’m working on a database project with mrw. For lots of reasons, we’re doing it in Java. (ok, two reasons. JDBC exists; and Swing works on both OSX and Unix.) From time to time, I’ll probably post … Continue reading

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Here are a few of the things I’ve done since I last posted: Had a taxi driver get lost in China. Caught the ferry to the Hong Kong airport by about 5 minutes. Rode on a hydrofoil. Had the ticket … Continue reading

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almost all the way packed. The first ferry leaves at 7:45, hopefully I’ll be on it. Just need to take a shower, and walk through the apartment about 4 more times making sure I didn’t forget anything.

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Pianosa Decommissioning

we’re finally making some progress. There’s even a plan!

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Just got back from shopping. Holy crap, is this a lot of stuff. I’m exhausted. Now to get some dinner, then go pack.

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T-22 Hours

Til I’m on a plane. At this point, I just want to be home. And eating about 4 beef sandwiches from portillo’s.

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