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Dear Mr. President

Feel the Juice!

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Unicode Glyphs

Anybody know if there’s a proper way to represent a backwards K using only unicode glyphs? Thanks.

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Wipe out junk mail

Click here to opt out of pre-screened credit card offers or any other use of your credit report without your explicit permission. … via marius.

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Mr. Cub

I’m a Cubs fan. I’m also the parent of a 4 year old. Some would see these as completely unrelated facts. One fellow Cubs fan went so far as to tell me I should raise him a Yankees fan. (Side … Continue reading

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Internet Commentary of the Damned

You’ve all read them. Clicking mindlessly from movie to movie on amazon, browsing through ePinions, or god forbid reading Slashdot comments, when all the sudden you come face to face with some idiot whose commentary clearly requires them to be … Continue reading

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For All

Shakespeare’s Sister has something to say about those Two little words.

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The NFL Draft In 22 Words

“The NFL draft incorporates the two worst features of American life: all-day committee meetings on a weekend and commentary by Chris Berman.” – King Kaufman

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This is totally awesome

As the son of two postal service employees, I heartily recommend you read about Cameramail! I might have to send one of these. Update: More fun with mail. Note that the final action taken is customary come holiday time — … Continue reading

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Most Wide Open Basketball Playoffs EVAR?

Chris Sheridan of the AP seems to think so: [T]he 2005 playoffs will unfold with several of the NBA’s superstars sitting on the sidelines wondering how they missed out on one of the most wide-open chances for a championship in … Continue reading

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And so it goes

not with a bang, but with a whimper. I just ran shutdown -h +2 on pianosa…. it’s gone now. Andrew shut her off. Thus ends 8 years of service. PAR, the 500 block of white, Allen Hall, h0l, 2680 fayette … Continue reading

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