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Cornyn and Judges

This is nuts. Our judiciary must not be politicized. Rhetoric about the judiciary and about judicial nominees must be toned down. And our broken judicial confirmation process must be fixed, once and for all. So there. Though if there are … Continue reading

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Hit And Run Editor

Salon Audiofile: The sounds of “South Park” A recent episode of “South Park” revolved around a Chinese singer, Wing…she really exist[s]… Astonishingly, full access to her Web site is available only by subscription ($3.95 buys you membership, five free downloads, … Continue reading

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Future Shock

Eric Zorn’s Notebook: The Human Lojack: Steven Levy reports in Newsweek that “mobile-phone makers (must) comply with an FCC “E911″ mandate dictating that by the end of 2005 all handsets must include GPS that pinpoints the owner’s location,” a bit … Continue reading

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