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Bullish on the Bull Moose

It’s taken a while but I think the Bull Moose Blog has finally justified its existence.

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Scoreboard feature requests

Upholder: if someone has left a job before reaching their 251mR date, the date should be greyed out like the rest of the line Upholder: it might be good for the unreached 251mR dats for current jobs to be grey … Continue reading

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Why no posts?

well, because I’ve been at the hospital. Peanut/IMG_0322

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The Phoenix Has Landed

Tread lightly.

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Lunch for tomorrow?

I know what I’m doing…

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New password generator

I wrote it in python for fun. Next I’ll redo it with javascript and write it up for greasemonkey. SHA1(secret + “sitename”)=>base64=>custom password. Changing the secret would be a bitch, though. See password generator for the inspiration.

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Cool Javascript Tech

Some nut has written a completely client-side wiki that you can serialize by saving the item back to disk. I think he’s crazy, but as long as it’s available I think he should market it as “A Wiki Of One”.

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Reading List

At some point, I’m going to be home for three weeks and having a baby to keep company at all hours of the day and night. So I’m making a list of things on the web to read while I … Continue reading

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Beware the Phoenix

It can arise at any moment and bite you in the ass!

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Password Generator

Sam Ruby links to Nic Wolff’s javascript password generator. While it’s super cool and all — I mean, there’s a screencast! By Jon Udell! — the actual password algorithm is kinda stupid, in that it generates only 4bn unique passwords. … Continue reading

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