Scoreboard feature requests

Upholder: if someone has left a job before reaching their 251mR date, the date should be greyed out like the rest of the line
Upholder: it might be good for the unreached 251mR dats for current jobs to be grey too.. or not..
ronin: heh, you could color the background of people’s rows based on how much of a roma they have
Upholder: also, the tenure of completed jobs should probably be grey
meekay: Can you make mine blue? I like blue.
meekay: if ($name == ‘Mike Kolb’) …
ronin: it’s also easy to do horizontal progress bars in HTML
ronin: <div style=”width: xxx%; background-color: blue;”>
Upholder: or just color the background of the mR field
h4ck: Linky will hit his -251mR date this year
Upholder: h4ck: you appear to be mistaken
Upholder: h4ck: people who started jobs in late 2001 have a 251mR date in 2008

-251mR date sounds like fun…

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6 Responses to Scoreboard feature requests

  1. It doesn’t help that one milliRoma gets larger every day.

  2. Danny Howard says:

    He’s d-d-d-d-deaf and MAD, sir!

  3. dbt says:

    Linky — I already account for that in the 251mR projected date. Check the sql link at the bottom of the scoreboard.

  4. where is the score board?

  5. Brian says:

    I’d like an option to skip displaying all the milliroma related columns. They just add clutter.

  6. dbt says:

    well, brian gets his wish so far. append ?noroma=1 to the scoreboard URL

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