Cornyn and Judges

This is nuts.

Our judiciary must not be politicized. Rhetoric about the judiciary and about judicial nominees must be toned down. And our broken judicial confirmation process must be fixed, once and for all.

So there. Though if there are no links, why did he raise the subject?

Because he’s the one politicizing the judiciary? The republican party has been running against the judiciary for 50 years. They’ve only gone really truly insane about it in the last 5 years.

Let’s ask Mr. Cornyn what he thinks about Bush v. Gore.

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One Response to Cornyn and Judges

  1. My personal favorite issue is how state’s rights are good when the refer to banning same sex marriage and abortion, and bad when applied to marijuana legalization and allowing same sex marriage.

    Which leads me to this comment. What’s the difference between a democrat and a republican? A democrat feels bad about their hypocrisy sometimes.

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