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Create a bunch of aliases for ecartis

for list in list1 list2 list3 list4 ; do for action in “” -admins -bounce -moderators -repost -request ; do echo $list$ $list$ >> virtuals ; echo $list$ “|/var/ecartis/ecartis -c cfg/ $action $list” >> aliases ; done ; done

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Rain Rain, Stay Today, But Go Away Tomorrow

I have upper deck tickets for the cubs game tomorrow… but if the game today is rained out, Mark Prior should make his first start of the season tomorrow, and I’ll be there. Cool. Certain naysayers think this means I’ll … Continue reading

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Go Clippers, go Warriors

Ok, I have no great love for either franchise. But there’s a reasonable chance the Clippers will finish ahead of the Lakers in the standing, which I think is awesome (the Clippers are up one game in the loss column … Continue reading

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Tiger's miracle shot

One of the things I really like about blogs is the ability to put an interesting but unqualified opinion in front of readers — let them make their own decision. Unqualified not in the sense of the speaker being a … Continue reading

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Dave's Chicken Enterprise

Have you ever wondered why someone would buy a whole chicken? I just bought two.

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Cornyn and Judges

This is nuts. Our judiciary must not be politicized. Rhetoric about the judiciary and about judicial nominees must be toned down. And our broken judicial confirmation process must be fixed, once and for all. So there. Though if there are … Continue reading

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Hit And Run Editor

Salon Audiofile: The sounds of “South Park” A recent episode of “South Park” revolved around a Chinese singer, Wing…she really exist[s]… Astonishingly, full access to her Web site is available only by subscription ($3.95 buys you membership, five free downloads, … Continue reading

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Future Shock

Eric Zorn’s Notebook: The Human Lojack: Steven Levy reports in Newsweek that “mobile-phone makers (must) comply with an FCC “E911″ mandate dictating that by the end of 2005 all handsets must include GPS that pinpoints the owner’s location,” a bit … Continue reading

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Opening Day!

I have a crappy AM radio sitting on top of my cube and I can almost hear Pat Hughes through the ether. Patterson takes a strike. Yay, baseball!

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Friday Random 10

This seems like a silly but mildly amusing game. iTunes makes it easy, because you can just nuke the Party Shuffle list and copy and paste the first 10 items that show up… Artist – Track [Album]: BNL – Brian … Continue reading

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