Friday Random 10

This seems like a silly but mildly amusing game. iTunes makes it easy, because you can just nuke the Party Shuffle list and copy and paste the first 10 items that show up…

Artist – Track [Album]:

  1. BNL – Brian Wilson [Rock Spectacle]
  2. Massive Attack – What If Your Soul Sings [100th Window]
  3. Dremana – If I Was God [Dremana]
  4. Reel Big Fish – Beer [Turn The Radio Off]
  5. Spacehog – Skylark [The Chinese Album]
  6. Cowboy Junkies – Misguided Angel [The Trinity Sessions]
  7. Spacehog – Spacehog [Resident Alien]
  8. John Williams – Princess Leia Theme [Star Wars Soundtrack]
  9. Hybrid – Radio JJJ Mixup 2000, disc 2 track 12
  10. John Williams – March of the Ewoks [Star Wars Soundtrack]

Hmm. I gotta do something to get the star wars stuff to show up less often. :)

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