Aspects of Joe

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you started adding letters to the beginning of the last name Ardent?

You get the many aspects of Joe:

  • Aardent — Dutch ambassador
  • Bardent — teller of tales (dh)
  • Cardent — accident prone (dh)
  • Dardent — Stuntman (ja)
  • Eardent — Ear nose and throat doctor
  • Fardent — Has a gas problem
  • Gardent — The man with the green thumb
  • Hardent — Porn star
  • Iardent — An interface to an ardent
  • Jardent — Officer in the Marines
  • Kardent — Audio Engineer
  • Lardent — Chef, specializes in southern cooking
  • Mardent — Angsty goth (ja)
  • Nardent — Universal boolean gate (ja)
  • Oardent — Canoer
  • Pardent — Defense Attorney
  • Qardent — Arcade puzzle game author
  • Rardent — Master of the archives (dh)
  • Sardent — Fisherman (ja)
  • Tardent — Bus driver (short bus only)
  • Uardent — Asynchronous transmitter (pw)
  • Vardent — Cheap PC parts supplier (dh)
  • Wardent — Prison Guard (dh)
  • Xardent — Space Patrol (dh)
  • Yardent — Lawn care specialist
  • Zardent — A masked superhero (dh)
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3 Responses to Aspects of Joe

  1. dbt says:

    If you have suggestions for missing entries, let me know…

  2. Joe Ardent says:

    Dardent — stuntman
    Sardent — fisherman
    Mardent — angsty goth kid? (“mordent”)
    Nardent — can be combined with other Nardents in various ways to form functional equivalents of all other Ardents.

  3. Danny Howard says:


    Iardent, adherent of the three laws or Ardentics.
    Mardent, scratcher of nice surfaces
    Sardent, measurer of Solaris system activity
    Zardent, like Zorro, but like

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