Overrated sucky team pool!

Morons who make a living writing about the NFL have claimed before the season that certain teams will make the playoffs. I think none of them will.

  • Ravens
  • Packers
  • Vikings
  • Cowboys
  • Seahawks

If you want to play along at home, it’s easy. Tell me which of those teams you think will not make the playoffs. One point for each team you correctly pick. -1 point for each team you pick that goes. 2 points for each team you pick to go to the playoffs, -2 points for each team you pick to go to the playoffs and they miss.

Tiebreakers: first, tell me which team you think will have the worst record of the 5. Second, tell me the combined losses of those 5 teams.

Try to post your entries before noon sunday so you don’t have an unfair advantage!

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2 Responses to Overrated sucky team pool!

  1. Matt says:

    Ravens do not go. Too tough a division. 7-9.
    Packers do not go. Remarkably shitty team. Favre is so washed up that he should come with fabric softener. 4-12
    Vikings also do not go. Tice should be fired before week 8. He should have been fired last year. He should have been fired the year before that with the Arizona debacle. In fact, he should never have been hired. 3-13
    Cowboys get a wildcard. 9-7. Honestly, who else would go?
    Seahawks win their division at 9-7. But only because nature abhors a vacuum.

  2. dbt says:

    Damn, it looks like you’re right, though St. Louis might still make a run at the Seahawks. I don’t believe in Bulger but Seattle has a peculiar talent for failure.

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