Bill O'Reilly's Enemies List

I can only hope this is enough to get on it

I write to you today in the hopes that your enemies list is not yet
full, that there is still space available. Unlike our moronic invasion
of Iraq, opposing your odious brand of political commentary and idiocy
–”The War On Christmas”? Do you oppose capitalist fervor or is this
thinly veiled anti-semitism transcribed from Henry Ford?–is creating
what can truly be called a broad-based coalition of the willing. I
would like to put you on notice that I feel you should be invaded and
your lands searched for forbidden WMD. I hear that several sexually
harrassed former Fox News staffers have given drunken interviews in
which they talk about you possessing an awful smell–this sounds like
credible evidence of a chemical weapons program to me!

BTW, I love Media Matters. Not only are they smarter than you, but
they employ Duncan “atrios” Black, of the blog Eschaton. He rules.

Man, I would love to be on your enemies list. I’m going to post this
email to my blog! Check it out, Billy boy.

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