Target Boycott

I’ve just sent this message to Target customer service, regarding their decision to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill legal Plan B prescriptions:

I’m a frequent shopper at the Evanston Target near my house. Until
and unless your current Plan B stance allowing pharmacists to
basically refuse to carry out their jobs based on one single isolated
belief, I will not be shopping at your store. It’s unfortunate too,
I was hoping to pick up one of your kitchen workspaces this weekend
in time for Thanksgiving. I guess I’ll be sending my business to the
local Costco.

I wonder if you would be willing to hire a Christian Scientist as
a pharmacist, then allow them to refuse to fill any prescription
at all based on religious principles? If not, I wonder how these
cases differ. I find your reading of Title VII completely wrongheaded,
and I note only that your reading of it only makes sense if you
feel like kowtowing to a noisy but small group of political activists
who oppose almost all women’s rights.

I’ve learned to expect better from Target as a company. I certainly
avoid Wal-Mart and have preferred your store in the past. I look
forward to being able to do so again. I will be awaiting your
response with great interest.

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  1. Danny Howard says:

    Dude . . . you want to paste into blockquotes in WordPress from something that doesn’t insert linebreaks.

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