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Devstudio Undo/Redo broken

No idea what the heck happened to Visual Studio .NET 2003. Things were fine last week, now undo and redo are broken. They’re disabled on the menu and the hotkeys don’t have any effect. Happens on all projects. Anybody have … Continue reading

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Ah, the Winter Olympics

Here are the things i like about the Winter Olympics: Hockey Speed Skating … uh…. For things I don’t like about the Winter Olympics, let’s start with: “Women are too fragile for ski jumping“, add a dash of “it’s just … Continue reading

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Running behind SCGI

I’ve been doing some python webdev using this new toolkit. It’s not bad, but I my host uses apache and apache + fastcgi (for now) means suck. So instead, we used SCGI: Install mod_scgi into apache Startup your … Continue reading

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What’s a microformat? Jesus, good luck figuring out from That’s the most useless description of a technology I’ve ever seen. What is a microformat really? It’s a way of embedding structural information in the id and class attributes of … Continue reading

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