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Two hat chicks

I just finished helping my wife and sister set up their online catalog, They’re making and selling handmade hats and other crocheted items. They’re taking paypal and will ship anywhere in the US, so if you’re interested go send … Continue reading

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TODO: What do do with my vacation time

Chores? NO! Invent a card game.¬† Tentative title: “Horseshoes and Hand¬† Grenades” Rule #1: Coming close counts

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S5 rules

S5: Simple Standards-based Slide Show System Basically, write some markup, apply a stylesheet, and you have a presentation in a box. I also added a Present This bookmarklet that opens the current page in a full page frame with no … Continue reading

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Filibuster Alito

I know I’ve laid off the politics for a while, but I have to come out in support of the filibuster: First, I believe he’s unqualified for the position. He has a history of lying before the Senate to gain … Continue reading

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Green Tea Is The Greatest Thing In The Universe

This is because Coffee is the greatest thing in the universe, except when it isn’t. Any time I start drinking coffee, I very quickly get to the point where I drink 4 cups a day. I say, “any time”, even … Continue reading

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So I just watched The Salton Sea last night, and without including any spoilers (it sucked), let me just say it wasn’t very good.  And it got me to thinking, specifically about Val Kilmer.  Like far many actors, you can … Continue reading

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How to handle data

Maybe you’ve noted the new poll in the sidebar. I’ll replicate the question here for your perusal. Ok, let’s say you logged into a web service via XML, and one of the responses back was an integer for a bitfield … Continue reading

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Open Source Project of the Week: Dovecot

For being totally awesome and easy to configure and install, building support for SSL, and having a debian package available when I needed it: Dovecot! Congratulations, you’re my open source project of the week!

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New York Senate Race

Once upon a time, Jeanine Pirro was running for the Republican nomination for Senator from New York. It turns out she had a few problems, so the GOPers forced her out of the race. The only problem? Nobody else wants … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.0

I just upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.0. Let me know if something seems broken. Thanks.

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