This is the week where everything pisses me off

If you’ve been waiting to piss me off, well, wait no longer! Strike while the iron is hot!

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5 Responses to This is the week where everything pisses me off

  1. Jason Luther says:

    You are ugly, and I hate you. Always have.

  2. dbt says:

    At least my blog isn’t broken, you crazy bastard.

  3. Steven Engelhardt says:

    En garde!

    For my first attack, I have replaced your WordPress database with a collection of XML files whose schema changes often and with poor documentation.

  4. dbt says:

    I counterattack by gzipping your xml and putting it in a binary blob database field!

  5. Steven Engelhardt says:

    Cunning riposte! I retreat and prepare for the next bout.

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