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boost::bind makes my brain hurt

why? typedef … K; typedef std::map<k , HANDLE> map_type; map_type map_; … std::for_each(map_.begin(), map_.end(), boost::bind(&map_type::value_type::second, _1)); // this works std::for_each(map_.begin(), map_.end(), boost::bind(WSACloseEvent, boost::bind(&map_type::value_type::second, _1))); // this barfs inside boost::bind … incomplete type

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I'm terrible at sports

and now I know why. It’s all my birthday’s fault. It’s nice to be able to put that to rest. whew.

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wordpress, css, and images

So, a while back I switched from using a hand-written (in PHP) theme to using this awesome little piece of code that generates a semantically useful page that can then be CSS styled. On another site still under development, I … Continue reading

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Funny stuff

Tom Wilson, who played Biff in the back to the future movies, has a little ditty for you: From: Michael & Evo Link: Keith Garner

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"Hey dada?"

“Yeah?” “I have a loose tooth!” “AWESOME!”

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