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WordPress, ETag, Last-Modified

WordPress has some pretty crappy code buried in it… the curse of PHP. I can’t complain too much because it’s still a very robust platform with a good community and the best anti-spam plugin. That having been said, WordPress has … Continue reading

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Sandbox Skins

Keith is leaping into the breach with Sandbox. Welcome. Two tips: The first is that you can use CSS to do the header image without altering the base theme files. The second is that when you do edit your custom … Continue reading

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Exchange students

I’ve known some in my time… some of which were hosted by people who I thought had no business hosting. But trust me, all of that is forgiven after reading about the strange adventure of Michel Gromek, Polish exchange student: … Continue reading

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DVOA chart

For those of you into football stats, the killer stat is DVOA (and its friends, VOA, DPAR, PAR, and DAVE). It’s nice to be able to look at DVOA on a graphical basis, so I cranked out some javascript using … Continue reading

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All Atom, All the time

RSS is a crappy spec, so this blog is now 100% atom. And instead of serving up the same feed on a half dozen different URLs, I’m now redirecting all the feeds to /feed/atom. Dang ole feeds.

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