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Digging a hole

I am completely uninterested in sites like It seems like they’ve managed to create the intellectual heft of slashdot without a centralized set of editors. One digg-linked author took the matter into his own hands and blocked access from … Continue reading

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Accountability? What's that?

Look for a lot more of these kinds of “looks back” as we prepare to re-re-redeploy more soldiers for no good reason. Happy Holidays, everybody.

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Recursion considered harmful

Well, in this case it was real bad. Here’s a tip: When using the “RSS widget” in WordPress, do not point it to any web-based feed. While moving files around, I managed to make the Gallery RSS feed completely nonexistant, … Continue reading

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The UnSuggester

Brad DeLong links to LibraryThing’s UnSuggester. Put a book you liked, and it’ll tell you what books you probably want to avoid. Sample search: If you liked Winning, by Jack Welch, you’ll probably hate Watership Down, The Princess Bride, stuff … Continue reading

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Web-based Feed Readers

To be able to tote subscription/read status between machines and OSes, I’ve switched (mostly) from using a desktop feed aggregator to using the web-based ones. So far, I haven’t found one I’m really happy with. Bloglines: The good: single-key navigation … Continue reading

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Theo's First snow day

Whoot! Figures I’d have to work.

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