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Form Libraries

Ian Bicking rants about how worthless they are so I don’t have to. Look, HTML is a much more approachable standard than python code. You have to write HTML to make your site work. Why would you try to move … Continue reading

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Tivo: Dialing forever

James Robinson mentions his first-gen Tivo has the wrong timezone — fortunately it seems that Tivo was smart enough to send show times in epoch time instead of local time so recordings still work. My DirecTivo had similar problems, but … Continue reading

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Fox News

For some reason, the Democratic Party of Nevada agreed to host a debate of 2008 democratic presidential contenders with Fox News providing the questioners. After a lot of people pointed out how dumb this is, given the kind of crap … Continue reading

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Girls Suspended Over 'Vagina Monologues'

AP Story. I think I can safely say that the administration’s overreation is far more toxic than anybody hearing the word “Vagina”

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