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First Etsy sale

My wife is all excited that her first Etsy-listed item. That’s awesome. I first saw the site mentioned on Sam Ruby’s aggregator. Now I guess I need to finish up her Django site so she can promote her stuff there … Continue reading

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One of those days?

I try not to do the “bitch about my day” thing here, but it’s not even 8am yet and: Didn’t get to the El with time enough to spare to grill an aldermanic candidate outside the station. El car had … Continue reading

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KDE: Control background from command line

My friend Keith has done rotating backgrounds on his desktop for a while, and I was thinking today that it would be kind of nice to do that as well. Step 1: Download some files and put them in a … Continue reading

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Lieberman wants out?

Really?. Let him go. If he wants to bet on the GOP re-taking control of the Senate in 2008 — well, good luck with that. The only practical result would be that he would lose his chairmanship, and he’s doing … Continue reading

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Ack. Poor solaris telnetd

first nobody uses it, now this: There is a major zero day bug announced in solaris 10 and 11… Ouch. Goes without saying — if you’re using it: stop.

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Can anybody explain to me why — in 2007 — after the google web accelerator, after the rails meltdowns, after google mass wiki deletions, after approximately 572,349 blog rants on RFC 2616 9.1 and 13.9….. Why the “delete this post” … Continue reading

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