One of those days?

I try not to do the “bitch about my day” thing here, but it’s not even 8am yet and:

  • Didn’t get to the El with time enough to spare to grill an aldermanic candidate outside the station.
  • El car had a stuck door and was delayed.
  • Took two swipes to get my door badge to read, while someone stood behind me waiting. The first time I muttered “one of those days?” to myself.
  • Dropped my bagel (bagel friday, huzzah), half face down on the carpet (and spilled coffee).
  • Had milk on the bottom of my cereal bowl and got it on some papers on my desk I need for class this afternoon.
  • Thought, “wow, it really is one of those days.”
  • Now I’m blogging. Ugh!
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