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Bill Clinton's Legacy

Bill Clinton was the first president I had a chance to vote for, and I was proud to do it. But whatever you personally think of his legacy, perhaps the last two months can put and end to the idea … Continue reading

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Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo?

Another generation of FreeBSD users scarred….

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Board of Trade fire

There’s some sort of fire-related emergency on the 5th floor of the Chicago Board of Trade building. People working above that floor are being asked to take the stairs. Update: Chicago Tribune story.

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I wasn't born into money … or privilege….

I was given some love, some education, and some hope. +1

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Happy holidays, everybody

Had a wonderful time, though it’s going to take me a couple weeks to fix all the pictures from lack of (bounce) flash. Maybe I need a camera bag.

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Felix Salmon on liquidity puts

A great detailed analysis of how the financial markets got so screwed up: An LSS, by contrast, made much the same trade, but didn’t have any prime brokers breathing down its neck. That’s because it borrowed the money to create … Continue reading

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My Outlaw Nephew

Once upon a time (ok, about 6 months ago), a very very cute little boy was born. He’s my sister’s boyfriend [aka my brother outlaw]‘s nephew (in case you’re wondering about the title). Now, little Bo is a cute little … Continue reading

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WGA: Solidarity

The Writer’s Guild of America is striking, demanding that their employers don’t cut them out of agreed-upon compensation because you’re watching something on “the internet” instead of “your TV”. I support the WGA. The medium is not the message, and … Continue reading

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Android! aka gphone

Congrats to Andy Rubin and the gang. It’s very very cool, and a shot across the bow at an entire industry.

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Congratulations to Dave and Nancy

Dave Dribin: I’m Married! Just over a week ago, on the afternoon of September 29th, I got married to my bride, Nancy Ross. The wedding ceremony was the happiest moment of my life, bar none. It still makes me cry … Continue reading

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