I’m a dork, and am writing a small python application as an RSS/atom client.


1) mark pilgrim was kind enough to do almost all of the heavy lifting. (the only real rss-y thing i needed to write was something to merge the old feed with the new feed when I update something I’ve already loaded).

2) Straw, which is remotely tolerable on linux, completely sucks balls when you have to compile all the gnome libraries and their associated python bindings from source.

3) even then, straw doesn’t have folders.

things that still suck:

No automated polling.

it crashes on linux if you click on an entry that has an image in it and click to another entry before it finishes loading that image.

you can’t change the display name of a blog, it uses the title in the feed

you can’t reorder entries (on the plus side, you can delete a feed and re-add it somewhere else and it will remember everything about it. This will eventually be considered a bug).

You can’t rename folders either.

The HTML display is pretty weak overall. Even though I like wxWiidgets, I’m probably going to repurpose the data code I’ve written for a KDE specific app once PyKDE is up to date (I need khtml, so PyQt isn’t enough).

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