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What Link?

Once upon a time, I wrote a very short perl CGI script. It’s the only publicly successful piece of perl I’ve ever written. Its purpose is simple — paste a multiline link that’s been mangled by ircII into the big text box and watch it get fixed. (Actually, the original purpose was for me to paste a link to a binary file with a bad text/plain mime type in busted ass old netscape, so I could right click and choose save as, but I use kget for that now).

Anyway, the second reason — busted ass ircII output of long unbroken lines — is no longer necessary, as I’ve finally switched from ircII to irssi. It’s prettier, and it has better multiserver support (I can have one messages window for multiple networks! hooray! how modern…). So, I don’t care very much that it’s gone from the front of, but some people use it. I’ll see if i can figure out how to nail this post to the top of the index page for a while, but no promises. the good news is, I’m too busy looking for work to post a ton these days.

While I’m at it, my horribly old mirror of ssh clients is right here, and the the putty home page you can find by “gifl”ing putty.

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