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The tsunami stuff is absolutely overwhelming already, now comes word it could still be 3-4 times worse than we already thought. “Indonesia Needs Help, Death Toll Expected To Exceed 400,000.” The mind boggles.

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Make Firefox Fly

This is awesome.. Check commenters for other tips as well.

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What a fuck

What a fuck. And I just started listening, too. Oh well, thus ends my fascination with talk radio. Jay, if you get a new gig, give us a shout will ya?

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Creativity and Working Conditions

The computer industry, especially the programming profession, has long had (at least internally) a reputation as one of the most creativity-centered disciplines of anything that’s called “engineering” (though what’s called software engineering usually isn’t). This is a very interesting study, … Continue reading

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SSH and Proxies

While I’m commenting on interesting stuff on Dave Dribin’s blog, let me point out a couple things about his post on SSH proxies. The problem with this technique is DNS. One, it becomes possible to figure out which sites you’re … Continue reading

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C++ and implicit constructors

Nope, Dave, C++ calls Super() in the following code: class Super{ public: Super() { cout

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