Freaking Out?

Not yet. But I’m officially leaving the country in less than 48 hours. Damn. Remind me, the next time I travel outside the US for the first time, to pick a location where I at least know a little of the local language.

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One Response to Freaking Out?

  1. Danny Howard says:

    You’ll do fine, Dave. Just smile a lot and in a jammy jam whip out a picture of Theo to show to people. Also, maybe stock up a few state quarters or Sacajewas or other portable little bits of Americana you can drop on people.

    And just imagine all the great schwag you’ll have for Theo when you get back!

    And, take lots of pictures!

    And, I’m jealous, though not as jealous of Benjy and Joe getting to go to India.

    Kick ass, Dave! Bon Voyage!


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