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Get Error Message from HRESULT

Need to look up the error string for an HRESULT code? Here’s some code to do so. #include <comdef.h> CString GetMsgForHresult(HRESULT hr) { CString cs; CString msg = _com_error(hr).ErrorMessage(); cs.Format(_T(“Error 0x%08x: %s”), hr, msg); return cs; }

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Do you know me? (Chris Stillson)

Dave is letting me post to meatspace because he’s a standup guy, because I asked him, and because I took that bullet for him when that one drug deal went south…. Anyway, if you know me and want to say … Continue reading

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PHP Debugging Tip

Page not loading right? Try putting this at the top inside a <?php block… print_r( $_REQUEST); I was having a problem where was coming up blank. Turns out the following regexp is at fault: RewriteRule ^(.+).xml /index.php?feed=$1 [QSA,L] I’ve … Continue reading

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Bill O'Reilly's Enemies List

I can only hope this is enough to get on it…

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microsoft XML DOMDocument and javascript error

I’m encountering a weird error where an embedded copy of IE is failing to load XML properly. Here’s the best approximation I have of what we’re doing:

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Target Boycott

I’ve just sent this message to Target customer service, regarding their decision to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill legal Plan B prescriptions: I’m a frequent shopper at the Evanston Target near my house. Until and unless your current Plan … Continue reading

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Don't trust John Lott

Tim Lambert explains why not to trust John Lott.

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Baseball and SQL

Two great tastes that go great together. One of the greatest things ever is the Lanham Baseball Database. It’s a database of all baseball statistics since 1871, suitable for random SQL queries. Not quite pitch by pitch, but season by … Continue reading

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Math is hard

(from here)

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