China, Day 9

Took my product team to Mao’s for lunch. Gave a presentation on my product at 2. Sales guy asked me to stick around and give it again to some perspective clients. A couple awkward moments in the latter, like when the client asked a question, the sales guy tried to answer in English, and neither one of them could figure out what they were talking about. They were speaking English only for my benefit. So I said, go ahead and ask questions in Chinese, it’ll be faster… so I spent half the time talking about the product and the other half the time wondering what questions they had. Ah well. Also awkward: quickly skipping slides like “this is my first time outside the US” and “we implement this using XML, SQL”, how we load from our internal standard xml format, etc. Stuff clients shouldn’t care about.

All in all, not bad. Didn’t flop. Export a chart to powerpoint didn’t work, though. Not sure what went wrong. It worked earlier in the day when I was prepping my slides. Didn’t exactly want to troubleshoot right there.

Ugh, what the crap. Can’t duplicate the failure now too. What a pisser.

Anyway, dicked around fixing report bugs until 7 then had dinner. Too many report bugs.

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