China, Days 7 and 8

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I put up a few new pics, but nothing really interesting has happened. This afternoon I get to give a presentation. Tomorrow, I’m going to do some shopping. Friday, I imagine there will be drinking…

Actually, the real reason i didn’t post monday and tuesday was because I was feeling incredibly crappy most of the day monday and thus was very tired Tuesday (I actually fell asleep around 4-5am). Lots of cramping and … uh, let’s just call it related symptions. I was also jittery and borderline freaky monday because I had one (one!) cup of (very bad) (but very very strong) cup of coffee. Huh. Looks like you can kick the coffee habit with no shakes or headaches if you drink lots of chinese tea for a week. I was really REALLY jittery. It was a very strange feeling, because I normally drink 3 cups of coffee a day when I’m at the home office.

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