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Moving sure is hard, huh? I’ll try to take some pictures of the new place and upload ‘em soon, but I’m not sure where the SD reader is at the moment. In other news, activex sucks.

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Help me move!

If you’d like to help carry furniture and boxes down three flights of stairs, into a truck, and up one flight of stairs, in and around Evanston and Rogers Park, between 9am and 3pm Sunday October 2nd, please let me … Continue reading

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Jury Duty

Off to go get picked for a jury … or not. Gotta bring a book or 4.

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I love this country

Congratulations Danny. And Yayoi!

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Reading List

At some point, I’m going to be home for three weeks and having a baby to keep company at all hours of the day and night. So I’m making a list of things on the web to read while I … Continue reading

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Wipe out junk mail

Click here to opt out of pre-screened credit card offers or any other use of your credit report without your explicit permission. … via marius.

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This is totally awesome

As the son of two postal service employees, I heartily recommend you read about Cameramail! I might have to send one of these. Update: More fun with mail. Note that the final action taken is customary come holiday time — … Continue reading

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Opening Day!

I have a crappy AM radio sitting on top of my cube and I can almost hear Pat Hughes through the ether. Patterson takes a strike. Yay, baseball!

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Friday Random 10

This seems like a silly but mildly amusing game. iTunes makes it easy, because you can just nuke the Party Shuffle list and copy and paste the first 10 items that show up… Artist – Track [Album]: BNL – Brian … Continue reading

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For The Record

If several doctors say my brain is gone, please pull the plug. If you’re unsure, whatever my wife says goes. And I guess it’s time to sign a durable power of medical attorney just in case.

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