A few pictures:

Food! ChinaTrip/IMG_5261

People! ChinaTrip/IMG_5290

Mao! ChinaTrip/IMG_5286

And more…

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2 Responses to Pictures!

  1. Haidong Ji says:

    Heh, I am drooling all over the keyboard looking at your food pictures;-) Yummy!!!

    I am a transplanted Chinese living in Oak Park, IL. Wish my company could send me there for a business trip like that.

    I don’t have experience teaching people Chinese so not sure what books/material/web sites to recommend. I’ve learned on my many trips to Sweden that even knowing a few simple phrases (and using them) is a big help. People appreciate you trying to speak their own language and that will open doors for communication (pointing, gesturing, drawing on paper, whatever works). You all will be happy when you or the other person “get it”.

    Have fun in China.

  2. Haidong Ji says:

    Yes, 4 is an unlucky number. It has the similar sound with the character “death” therefore is avoided. 8, not 7, is lucky because it sounds similar to the word “prosperous” (fa)

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