And so it goes

not with a bang, but with a whimper.

I just ran shutdown -h +2 on pianosa….

it’s gone now. Andrew shut her off.

Thus ends 8 years of service. PAR, the 500 block of white, Allen Hall, h0l, 2680 fayette dr, the nebhaus on rubis, my two places in san jose with my wife, and finally two stops with Andrew Ho, the Frodo to my Gollum. So long, ole pal.

par0515, maverick.isdn, cthulhu, pianosa.

“Welcome to pianosa.

“There was only one catch .. and that was Catch-22.

“The island of Pianosa lies in the Mediterranean Sea eight miles south of Elba. It is very small and obviously could not accomodate all of the actions described. Like the setting of this novel, the characters, too, are fictitious.”

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2 Responses to And so it goes

  1. Danny Howard says:

    Pianosa is dead!
    Long live Pianosa!

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